MSS006 – Podcast | January, It’s Nipply Cold Inside and Out | Nipple Play

MSS005 Nipple Play


It's Nipply Inside and Out!

Our main focus this month is about Nipples and Nipple Play!

Nipple Play is the stimulation of the nipple during sexual activity. As part of sexual activity, the practice may be self-performed or performed upon by another. Nipples can be worshiped, decorated, clamped, electrified, sucked, and pinched.

Example of Self: Sir asks you to jump start. Help with both mindsets.

Nipple play can be a very important part of your playtime and scene in Marriage’s Sexiest Secret. Nipples are an erogenous zone. Warming up the nipples at the beginning of a scene not only conditions the tissue and skin for pain and pleasure, it also is preparing the vagina, because you will produce wetness for lubrication. Nipple stimulation is known to cause endorphins and hormonal reactions.

Keep in mind hormonal fluctuations that come with menstrual cycles or the aging process can increase or decrease breast and nipple sensitivity, which can heighten or desensitize your nipples.

  • Eighty percent of women polled reported that nipple stimulation made their sex more satisfying. Stimulation of the nipples approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity can improve orgasmic satisfaction, strength, and overall pleasure. 
  • Stimulation of the nipple activates an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex, meaning a women’s brain seems to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way, making it that many women can orgasm just with nipple stimulation.

LK’s NIPPLE JOURNEY is included in the podcast.

Do you desire more from your marriage and your relationship?  Are you wanting to rekindle that spark with your husband?  Come fall down the rabbit hole and explore the excitement of Married Dominance and submission.’

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Little Kaninchen  00:08

Welcome to Marriages Sexiest Secret Podcast. Today’s episode. Gee, it’s nipply inside and out.

Little Kaninchen  00:17

What are we going to talk about today?

Little Kaninchen  00:20

We’re talking about January of course. It’s weather the its origins, especially our erotic January theme, based all on nipples, and nipple play. It’s nipply inside and out. Be prepared to chill your nipples, ladies, maybe even some men.  As well as bring out your husband’s inner abominable snowman.

Little Kaninchen  00:44

We’re going to review the happenings in January on subMrs and husDOM communities.  And for all your voyeurs, we’re going to give you a small little glimpse into our self love February.

Mr Fox   00:55

Hey, I got that one down.

Little Kaninchen  00:57

Then finally, we ask you a few questions. So are you ready to jump into the rabbit hole and visit the foxes den?

Mr Fox   01:06

Im ready.

Little Kaninchen  01:07

Let’s Go!

Little Kaninchen  01:09

Do you want to know a secret secret? Do you want to have a secret? A dirty little secret? A secret that you build and share with your spouse? A secret that is so magical and so intimate in ways you could only imagin?  Oh, come on. Wink wink. You must be the smallest bit curious.

Little Kaninchen  01:32

Shh…  Marriage has a sexy new secret.  A relationship accessory of sorts. This secret fulfills the wife’s need for deep emotional connection with her husband, and a husband’s desire for his wife’s trust and respect.

Little Kaninchen  01:45

Come on, come fall down the rabbit hole where Mr. Fox and I share our secrets. Secrets that will inspire you to explore, create and build sexual magic. Let us take you on a journey that leads you both to what you most desire. A sexy, successful marriage. So pick up that bottle that says drink me go ahead toss it back. In other words, go ahead drink the Kool Aid. We can give you all the edge without you or your marriage ever getting cut.

Little Kaninchen  02:12

Welcome to Marriages Sexiest Secret Podcast.

Mr Fox   02:19

Before we dive into today’s nipply cold podcast, we want to offer a huge thank you to all of our listeners. Our success is coming from the impact that you are making.

Mr Fox   02:30

Recently a number of members have been recommending Marriages Sexiest Secret Podcasts to their friends and peers and it’s working. LK, I know I shared with you earlier this week that the Marriages Sexiest Secret Podcast ranked number one in three separate categories in one small country.

Mr Fox   02:48

The week prior we were killing it in Canada with this podcast befor that Australia and the UK.  We really are having a positive impact everywhere. So we want to let you listeners know that you rock Whoo!, you’re helping us spread this message. And we want to give you a sincere thank you.

Little Kaninchen  03:05

Thank you.

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Also a lot of listeners are asking how can I help with the crusade or the movement of Marriages Sexiest Secret? The answer to that right now the easy part would be just take a minute right now hit the subscribe button. So subscribe to the podcast. Right there you can also find where you can also click it’ll take an extra literally two or three seconds to give us a five star rating.

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Little Kaninchen  03:57

January is the month that gives us our first real taste of winter. It’s the time of the year it gets rather cold for everyone. Just think about the chill the wind and some of us the ice and snow doesn’t it just tighten your nipples just a little bit?

Mr Fox   04:13

I guess so.

Little Kaninchen  04:14

You know you’re feeling it right now those little nipples are just tightening up. Our inspiration for January was the cold and the coming of winter. You know Mother Nature son, Jack Frost, or for all of us at kids aka cold Miser, they get to have their way with us. Also, our hope is that everyone gets to have their very own Abominable Snowman scene. We thought we would celebrate his wrath by giving you the twisted nipple, oh I mean the twisted taste of winter.  Give into jack and enjoy the chili ride.

Little Kaninchen  04:46

But let’s first talk you know me and I love kind of like my historical information. So historically, January the month of January is thought to be named after Janice which Janice was that ancient Roman god or deity. Janice was a was the God of all beginnings of gates, transitions, time duality, doorways, passages, endings. He always was depicted as having two faces.  Giving him the ability to look into the future and also look at the past.

Mr Fox   05:19

That is what I love about you LK, it’s all these things, I would have had no idea that January meant anything.

Little Kaninchen  05:25

Well, you know, I love and I’m into anything spiritual and how I can connect it and also give everybody just a little bit of education within the podcast.

Mr Fox   05:33

I think it’s pretty cool.

Little Kaninchen  05:35

You’re at the gate of the year, January. So of course, Janice is Latin for gate, just to let everybody know.

Little Kaninchen  05:43

This is the time of year where we set new years resolutions. We review the past, looking back, and then we also start making the plans for the future. We’re looking forward. So we’re doing everything that Janice wants us to.

Mr Fox   05:59

So let’s get to it pretty quick and let Mr. Fox tell us what are the happenings that have gone on and are going on in January on husDOM.

Mr Fox   06:09

The happenings in January for husDOM. We look back at January’s calendar, Beastly does a mentor chat. So if you’re a member on husDOM, and you want to talk to anybody about your relationship or anything sexual or anything like that, we have a mentor who makes himself available every single week. The weekly mentorship is Sunday mornings. And that’s hosted by Beastly.

Mr Fox   06:34

We also have a fitness chat, which is great, especially this time of year, it seems to be really taking off right probably people’s New Year’s resolutions or just that feeling of wanting to do better. And it’s marked by the beginning of the year. So so many people get into that. But it’s a fitness chat again hosted by Beastly. Beastly has been doing this for years for us a couple of years plus at this point.  He does it every other week. And he’s very consistent. So you can get on the calendar and check that out to see what topics he’s covering in January. You can also look ahead into February and see what he’ll be doing as well. If you have any suggestions, Beastly is always wide open to people’s suggestions. And he’ll cover just about any topic that you’re interested in. If you’re a member, go ahead and private message him through the membership website. And you can talk your ideas, collaborate with them, anything like that. The topic chat on husDom this month is about breast play. That’ll be facilitated by Sir Ed. Sir Ed generally does two topic chats a month for us. And again, if you have anything that you’d like to learn about or hear about or share, go ahead and reach out again to Sir Ed, via private message. Let him know what’s on your mind. And he’ll see if maybe he can work that in for the future. And what about you LK, what’s going on on subMrs?

Little Kaninchen  07:50

We all know on subMs that the calendar really is the heart of the community. So I tell everybody, you want to know what’s going on. You want to keep up, get on the calendar because that is where you’re gonna find all your information. So let’s talk about what has happened or is happening in January on subMrs.

Little Kaninchen  08:10

We every month have group chats, different groups have their chats on different months, but in January, we had a great fitness chat and how it relates to our dynamic or our theme. We do it every single month, I try to post as many twisted fun holidays for couples to celebrate.  Thoughtful ways to celebrate each holiday. We had international fetish day pretty interesting. We did our own monthly themed toy workshop, we do that every month. We also did a monthly topic nipples chat, which was fantastic. We do, again, one of those topic chats every single month, we support and celebrate our season subMrs with a chat. That just gives us all the camaraderie we’re all looking for. We also offer how to begin chats and what to do once you’re in the dynamic every other month for both of those. So there is so much going on. We even mark the lunar full moon and also the new moon so you know when to start your projects and finish them. So there’s so much going on and subMrs that there’s something in there for everybody.

Mr Fox   09:20

Excellent. Okay. I would say come join us.  Come check out the sites so that’d be https://husdom.com, and https://submrs.com.

Little Kaninchen  09:27

We’re going to talk about our main focus this month, and it’s all about nipples and nipple play.

Mr Fox   09:34

All right, I really like it.

Little Kaninchen  09:36

I think we all generally know what a nipple is.  You know where they’re at. So I wont start with telling you what a nipple actually is.

Mr Fox   09:47

We really are starting at the beginning, aren’t we?

Little Kaninchen  09:49

But you know, some people really don’t know they have a nipple and they have an areola, which is the skin around the nipple.

Mr Fox   09:56

Some people might have a nipple on the back too.

Little Kaninchen  09:58

People have multiple nipples.  But we’ll get into that later. We’ll get into that later.

Mr Fox   10:02

Most people do have multiple nipples.

Little Kaninchen  10:04

Yeah, so we’ll get into that later. But let’s just start with the nipple play, right. So we’re gonna say nipple play is the stimulation of the nipple during a sexual activity. As a part of sexual activity, the practice might be performed by yourself, or performed on you by another person. So nipples can be worshipped, decorated, clamped, electrified, sucked and pinched. And I’m sure there’s a lot more to list.

Mr Fox   10:31

About 10 other things came into my mind and what I would do to yours.

Little Kaninchen  10:34

So a lot of people go, Wow, you can do nipple play on yourself? Well, you know, actually, I’m going to give you an example of a situation, why you would do something like that. Okay. And we’ll get more into why it’s like that, but your husband or dominant may call you before he comes home from work, and says, You know, I want you all juicy goosey and ready to go. And, and if you’re really nipple sensitive, and that nipple play as the way direct line to the wetness that you need, then your SIR may say, put on your nipple clamps for 20 minutes before I get home. So that would be an example of self nipple play, you know, get yourself going a little bit get permission, get yourself going just a little bit before he gets home. If you know if you know you only have maybe 45 minutes before the kids get home from school, get your nipples all worked up.  Of course, pass us by her husband first. But get your nipples all worked up and all sensitive. So you can make that 45 minutes count. Like that 45 minutes can be the best, better than a five hour scene that 45 minutes can be if you’re all worked up. So that’s just an example. A lot of people are like thinking it’s weird, but it’s really actually you’re doing a little bit of the job before it gets started. So if you only have a little bit of time,

Mr Fox   12:00


Little Kaninchen  12:01


Mr Fox   12:01

But back on what you were saying too, so guys should really think about that for a minute. If you’re it helps that mindset right helps get her body jumpstarted to get things moving along. But think about that for a minute. If you said that, like on the drive home, you called her like lk said and said hey, go ahead and get your your nipples, what would you say get them?

Little Kaninchen  12:21


Mr Fox   12:21

Yeah, sensitized, I guess, but put nipple clamps on, then the next 20 or 30 minutes while you’re driving home, she can’t help but think about you. She can’t help but to be getting excited. And, you know, it helps that mindset, like, Why is she excited and what other things are gonna happen? So like, when we’re looking for ways to do that transition everybody talks about, you know, there’s always a struggle from real life to intimacy. There’s a way right there even before you get home where you can start down that road, start changing her mindset. And I would also say for the guys, as you’re driving home thinking about her at home, walking around with nipple clamps, and probably a shirt on over it. And, you know, adding that pressure, and I mean, it’s even exciting for the guys to think about the submissive at home, following your command and getting all turned on waiting on your arrival. So there’s like so many benefits to what lk just said, it’s a great idea. I didn’t want to pass it up on guys to stop there and give it a little bit more consideration.

Little Kaninchen  13:14

Yeah, it’s, I mean, like a lot of people when you first say self, self nipple play, everybody’s like, okay, but, you know, it really does make a lot of sense. And we did. I just wanted to make a little sense out of that.

Mr Fox   13:25


Little Kaninchen  13:26

But we’ll just kind of move on just a little bit there. Why is nipple play important? So a lot of people ask me that. nipple play can be very important part of the play time are the scenes you do and marriage is sexy a secret, because nipples are part of your one of your erogenous zones. So, by warming up the nipples at the beginning of a scene conditions that tissue and skin for pain and pleasure. It’s also preparing the vagina, because you’ll produce more lubricant, or wetness if you’re warming up the nipples, usually.  Nipple stimulation is also known to cause endorphins or hormonal reactions. So that’s what gets you excited. That’s what gets you ready to roll, like, nipple stimulation is a fantastic warm up to every scene.

Little Kaninchen  14:17


Mr Fox   14:17

And, I would say to just getting into that, like, how does it really work type thing. It’s a great warm up. But it’s also one of those things like you don’t want to jump right in. Nipples do you need warmed up just like the mind does, just like every other part of a woman’s body. So you would start out I would say lighter than light, and then work up from there. So and again, just like other pieces of a woman’s body, including our mind, you start gentle, and then that gentle will be desensitize in a period of time. So then you’ll want to increase the pressure. But you don’t want to just start in on the nipples and just go right to something you might see in a porn scene or something. Most most women probably won’t find that enjoyable.

Little Kaninchen  14:59

We’ll talk about more about that later in the in the podcast. But when we’re talking about hormones, I have to stick in here. Keep in mind hormonal fluctuations that come with menstrual cycles, menopause increase and decrease breasts and nipple sensitivity, which heightens or desensitizes your nipples. So don’t be disappointed if you have one really great scene which is  really great. And you’re like, Oh, the nipples so worked for me this time, and then you do it again, and it doesn’t work for you at all. Don’t be surprised if you’re having one of those two things going on right then because you have to be patient with your body and your nipples,  Be patient with the nipples people. 80% of women polled reported that nipple stimulation made their sex more satisfying. So stimulation and nipples maybe 30 minutes before some type of sexual activity improves orgasmic satisfaction, strength and the overall pleasure.

Mr Fox   15:56

We’re all looking for that.

Little Kaninchen  15:58

Stimulation in a nipple also activates the area of the brain that’s known for general sensory. So that means that a woman’s brain processes the nipple stimulation, or any genital stimulation in the same way. So women can just orgasm and so can men, just from nipple stimulation, which has happened to me.

Little Kaninchen  16:21

I just wanted to share a little bit of personal nipple story or a nipple, LKs nipple journey, we’ll call it that.

Mr Fox   16:28

I like LKs nipple journey. It seems like we could have a book like that.

Little Kaninchen  16:32

Yeah, like, seriously, it has been a journey for me. I’ll start at the beginning. Before we ever did any of this type of dynamic, lk was a prude. We’ll just go ahead and throw it out there. I was tight. I was real tight about sex. I was probably very shy. All those things, I checked off all those things where you know, I wanted to have sex in the dark. Like, I checked off all of those…

Mr Fox   16:59

Oh my gosh, I remember those day.

Little Kaninchen  17:00

All of those prudeness that I did have.

Mr Fox   17:02

Every now and then no, you’d let your wild side out?

Little Kaninchen  17:05


Mr Fox   17:06

And then it would you would..

Little Kaninchen  17:07

Quickly be put be put away.

Mr Fox   17:08


Little Kaninchen  17:09

For the next year.

Mr Fox   17:10

At least.

Little Kaninchen  17:12

Or longer. But back to my journey.

Little Kaninchen  17:17

But what what happened with me was I think I was just so not very self confident in my body. I didn’t know any self confidence in my body, really. I did not like my nipples really touched played with. Anytime Mr. Fox would do anything like that. It would really turn me off. I’d almost be going, like I don’t want you, it wouldn’t really do anything. It would aggravate me, to be honest. I didn’t know how to enjoy sex. I think that was my biggest thing. Because Same thing with like little Spanx and stuff like that. At first, I’d be like, Why are you doing that? And it would just aggravate me, you know? So I started off with not really liking my breast touched at all. It’s really sad. And then even when I had the children, I did not breastfeed. I just didn’t, didn’t want them bothered.

Little Kaninchen  18:10

But that was the beginning of my journey. So I didn’t know like I said, I didn’t know how to enjoy my body. I didn’t know what my body would react to. I was pretty much sex for dummies.  I needed something like that. So when we started this, it kind of opened my eyes when I would read a lot of things about nipple play and what they did with nipples. And I mean, I was just, you know, I was like, This can’t be you know, and we started trying little things. First pressure. You know, I think we started with a little bit of tape, putting just the pressure on the nipple, taping it down. And then I think I just started like blossoming, basically, I just started saying, Okay, this is okay to like sex. Number one, when you start this whole dynamic, a lot of women come with not a lot of experience or body confidence. So I think when you first come, a lot of us are prudy. And then we learn about our bodies. And then we start exploring and we tell everybody body exploration with with each other, big important thing to do. You start exploring each other’s bodies like you never have before. So many women come to me in the same shape where they had several children, but still don’t really know sexually, what gets them off. Or they still don’t know sexually, what gets their husband off. They have no idea so really, you’re just wiping the slate clean and you start this and you start learning about your body. You start learning about his body. You start sharing with each other what you like and what you didn’t like, open up that sexual communication that many of us included, did not have a sexual communication going about what we liked in the bedroom. There was always jokes but nothing very serious.

Mr Fox   19:56

I almost feel to like some of it is almost feeling like you have permission as a woman, is that accurate?

Little Kaninchen  20:02


Mr Fox   20:03

Because it’s not just like the just for Dummies. I mean, we didn’t have the knowledge or education back then either, but I almost feel like, like the societal pressures.

Little Kaninchen  20:12


Mr Fox   20:13

held you back quite a bit.

Little Kaninchen  20:14

Absolutely. Because in my household growing up, it wasn’t talked about it may be be joked about,

Mr Fox   20:20


Little Kaninchen  20:20

but never seriously talked about a woman enjoying sex ever. If you enjoyed sex, you were a hooker or something bad. It wasn’t a positive light on it.

Mr Fox   20:30

And ironically, they’re probably the ones that can’t stand sex. Right?

Little Kaninchen  20:34

Right, ironically, right.

Mr Fox   20:36

But I would say to that it started with that light pressure. Mm hmm. And, you know, it’s over time I, I want to express to for the gentlemen that are out there listening to this, it’s not like a switch that’s gonna be thrown overnight, and all of a sudden, she’s gonna love everything thrown at her nipples. It’s something that I think was a progression every time like with light pressures and more pressure and conditioning that line to enjoy it. So probably at times of orgasm, or near orgasm and instances like that probably have all paved the path for L K’s nipple journey.

Little Kaninchen  21:09

Yeah. And, you know, we’ll talk about that in just a few minutes. About You know, the different nipple sensitivities and what that means.

Mr Fox   21:19

Excellent. I love your nipple journey LK.

Little Kaninchen  21:23

Well I went from one end of the spectrum, all the way to the other end of the spectrum.

Mr Fox   21:27

Seriously, like nipple. Like, we like nipple plays a huge part of our foreplay all the time now..

Little Kaninchen  21:32

Yeah, it’s how to get started.

Mr Fox   21:34

all the time now.

Mr Fox   21:35

And yeah, they went from an untouchable leave them alone. To I like to have…

Little Kaninchen  21:41

Bring it on.

Little Kaninchen  21:42

So if you do it, right, it can just make it make your sex out of this world. I wanted to just quickly mention, there are basically three kinds of nipples.

Mr Fox   21:55


Little Kaninchen  21:55

We were talking earlier about my nipple journey. And my nipple journey started with sensitive and now I’m all the way to probably normal Plus, I would.

Little Kaninchen  22:08

So, you know, sensitive, we start with sensitive nipples. Okay, if you have sensitive nipples, that means that you’re not into pinching, maybe not even so much into rubbing. It means that you really, you just need to focus on pressure, maybe, and then work your way start working your way up. So sensitive nipples are something that when somebody touches them, it’s annoying. Or it’s so sensitive, that you can’t take more than one stimulation. Like you can’t take a clitoral stimulation with nipple stimulation, it just means that you’re super hypersensitive, or you just don’t like it.

Mr Fox   22:48

So what does that look like to like, just like rubbing lightly or like massaging?

Little Kaninchen  22:54

Yeah, well, when we started out, I was kind of that person. So yeah, so like, just pressure on the actual nipple.

Little Kaninchen  23:03

Yeah, like just just pressure. No sharp pinches, just flat pressure. Like I said, like the tape really worked for me. I would say, you know, just using the fingers I wouldn’t go too much right at first into you know, any instruments.

Little Kaninchen  23:19


Mr Fox   23:20

Maybe even temperature type play.

Little Kaninchen  23:22

Yeah. And and once you get past once your sir is stimulating the nipples, before he starts on another body part, he should maybe stop the nipples and then move on to his other body part. You might be the type that just gets over. What would you say when you get to it later? Yeah, yeah, overstimulated. check ins with somebody that’s sensitive is important for a sir, right? Like always checking in making sure you’re not aggrevating. If you know your son or your wife is a sensitive nipple person then always check in Is this okay? Would you like it slower? Would you like it faster? You know, would you like me to you know, move on.

Mr Fox   24:04

Right. And great to like I’ve talked about before in scenes, I think the post downtime is priceless. And again, depending I think on the intensity of the scene, sometimes that post downtime will be could be minutes later. Sometimes it could be in the shower later. And sometimes depending on the intensity of that scene. It may be the next day even before I talk about it, but like as dominants, we always need that feedback to see where they were at what they would have enjoyed. You know, Was that good? Was it not enough? Too much too fast? You know, we need that input back so we can so we can calibrate what we’re doing.

Little Kaninchen  24:45

Okay, perfect.  We’ll move on to what I laugh every time but he says normal, normal this are normal. out loud. I’m just like okay, normal, but the next type of nipple is the average or normal nipple? Okay, average or normal sensitivity or whatever. So I just say whatever normal is,

Mr Fox   25:09

Middle of the road.

Little Kaninchen  25:10

Yeah, so you add a little pressure on your nipples when you’re like that, but you can’t necessarily deal with full on like biting pinching vibration is a good thing like user one with or without a tool to clamp on it and vibrate. Oral sucking is really good or suction cups is really good for the normal nipple person. And of course, like I said, what’s normal? So later after you get started, you get add pinching, touching, kissing licking blowing is a really good one. I think that sometimes people look past blowing like blowing on the nipple. That’s really good. Especially…

Mr Fox   25:49

You lost me with blowing… Checked out.

Little Kaninchen  25:51

Yeah, not blowing down there we’re blowing the nipples are blowing on it, you know, especially if you’re using sensory cold or hot now full of warm coffee, or an ice cube like and blowing.

Mr Fox   26:03

So that is what I do right there. So if we were having a scene and I wanted different temperatures from my mouth, I would put a cup of hot coffee with the lid and I would put a cup of ice water. So that sensitivity could change on the breasts and also on your more personal spot. Right, but that’s what I do have a cup of coffee and a cup of ice water.

Little Kaninchen  26:24

My more personal spot.

Mr Fox   26:26


Little Kaninchen  26:27




Mr Fox   26:28

You know, I get embarrassed if I talk about that.

Mr Fox   26:30


Little Kaninchen  26:32

If you really enjoy doubleplay tell your Sir, you need more aggressive attention. He is just going to eat that up. Like we said, we want your SIR to be become the abominable snowman. You know, we want him to get his aggressions out. We want you to enjoy some aggression. So, but you know, something great for an average or norm, I guess is a breast Flogger, you know, for nipple play? Your sir can add those toys and movies attention now. Now a normal nipple person or an average normal is it’s so hard to say  somewhere in the middle, a great thing for them is that your body usually can do the two sensations at once. So you’re like the perfect person to have clips on. And then he’s also stimulating other areas of you at the same time, your body, you know, and then your body connects like you have a connection between your breast and your vagina, then it’s, it’s really awesome. So I think that’s really good. Another option for average normal nipples, is touching your own nipples, kind of like, in addition to him.  It frees both his hands or both things. And he also enjoys watching you do it, don’t do it and get your hand slapped for not asking.

Mr Fox   27:52

I just gonna say guys, that’s a great thing to instruct her to do. Because especially if you’re new to this, and you haven’t done it for guys that have done this, I think that we pretty much probably get this common feedback from our submissives, I think is they don’t know what to do don’t know what to do with their hands. They’re looking for that type of instruction. So I think for a lot of guys listening, they probably already realized that. But if you’re newer to it, that’s one of the key points of feedback we get from submissives. Almost all the submissives like they’re looking for that instruction. And probably we haven’t given them much of that during our vanilla sex.

Little Kaninchen  28:27

Yeah, and that’s the biggest number one, my a number one turn on is for him to give me exact instructions to follow during a scene or play. And number one, one of those instructions is what do you want to do with my hands? Am I allowed to touch Am I not allowed such? What do you want me to do? That is something that most of the ladies out here would really enjoy their sirs to vocalize what what to do with my hands.

Mr Fox   28:51

Right. And I love watching your hands on your own boobs. I love your boobs. I love all that, stuff…

Little Kaninchen  28:56

Okay, well, thank you, I appreciate that.

Little Kaninchen  29:00

Okay, so let’s let’s move on to insensitive or lacking sensitivity nipples, kind of do two different things, but they both are not very sensitive. So these people need the most stimulation, I would say.  I always recommend a warm up before you bite or do some sort of pitching. I just say warm up. It’s just better. Like, unless you’re doing this, you know, if you’re doing nipple play, you can do it for pain, or you can do it for pleasure. Some people’s pain is pleasure. I would always say warm up is the best thing to do. But just because your nipples are less sensitive doesn’t mean that you want the harshest things done to them. So if you know if your sub is lacking sensitivity, you don’t want to take them and like slam them into something thinking that’s going to turn her on. Just because it lacks It doesn’t mean that you could like take to the harshest limits.

Mr Fox   29:53

Which again, I think we talked about this in the beginning and and I mean I’ve only played with one submissive she’s sitting right here to my right.  So like, I don’t have all of the answers, but I can assure you that in my experience, that no matter lk’s level of sensitivity and whatever area we’re playing with, it requires some kind of warm up, right? Like even before you get in the moment, it requires some kind of mindset warm up, like physically to get the blood flowing to get the nerve endings alive to get all that stuff happening. My experience with LK, is that everything requires some level of warmu.  And maybe different levels, maybe you warm up differently, because you want different results. But I’m always, always warming up every area that I’m at, I don’t just start from zero and go to 90.  There’s some sort of progression along that way. I would think that holds true for most couples.

Little Kaninchen  30:46

Yeah. So basically, if…

Mr Fox   30:49

So don’t close the nipples in the door.

Little Kaninchen  30:51

Yeah, you don’t want to slam them in the door or frame or whatever. But basically with with that, I would suggest figure out what just feels good in that do you need, you need more pressure more, you know, more, pinch more? Whatever it is you want? Or is it the fact that you just you just need a little bit of pressure and stimulation of areas to really get it going. So you know, when you have something like that, try all different things. And if you want, bring in the more treacherous type of play toys.  I am into whatever, you know, you like it. I love it. So do what feels good.

Mr Fox   31:27

I would say too, because there as as we’re sitting here talking about it, I think there’s a Mr. Fox journey too. And the nipple play really, maybe because you didn’t enjoy it. I always stayed away from them. I would say that it’s opened up a new world for me and your breasts, and probably how aggressive I am. I actually love doing all kinds of things to them now.

Little Kaninchen  31:46

Well, that will lead us into conditioning nipples. Everybody’s kind of like, why would you condition nipples? Like what? What would be the great thing to conditioning nipples? Why would anybody do that?

Mr Fox   31:58

You know, right before we move on, okay. I want to say also that, like, I’m talking about all the things guys can do. But ladies like lk gives me a lot of signals during this play for me to know I’m on the right track with the nipples. Right? It might be a deep breath, it might be a moan, it might be actually telling me how that made her feel. But I get a lot of feedback in the moment from LK, which helps helps me decide where I’m going on that journey.

Little Kaninchen  32:27


Mr Fox   32:29

Well, that’s what I’m saying. Like we talked about the guys checking in, but sometimes I’m not checking in, I can tell because you’re giving me all kinds of cues if that was good enough. Not enough.

Little Kaninchen  32:37

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Mr Fox   32:39

Like I mean, getting in the moment feedback.

Little Kaninchen  32:42

Yeah, that honest communication comes into play right here. Don’t do you see him getting excited because he’s slapping your breasts or doing something really, you know that he’s getting excited, but you’re not enjoying it. You just have to say, yellow. Right? That’s just slow down. You know, he’ll check back in with you. You know, you don’t want to spout off red right away, but if but if it’s just something you’re like, I’m not liking this Im not enjoyinng this, let’s just say yellow. And then he’ll check in and adjust whatever it is you need.

Little Kaninchen  33:37

You know, maybe your windows people don’t like him touch at all. So conditioning them is good. You’re conditioning them. Some people like to toughen their nipples just a little bit for a rougher play. Sometime conditioning, nipples, meaning, you know, you’re overly sensitive about it, but conditioning them having to play with just a little bit every day or brushed a little bit every day gets you to the point where it makes them not so sensitive, and you can start to enjoy things. You know, you can just figure out by conditioning or stimulating them. If you’re not real reactive, this will make them more reactive for you later, like we talked about earlier. But it enriches your scenes and playtime. If you condition them a little bit, it’s really good. Sometimes you can have your SIR actually participate once a week and conditioning your nipples, which is just really a fun ritual where he can do wet checks and inspections.

Mr Fox   34:28

Which is also like a different term that we would use or we would think of in maybe more of the scene would be training we can train and that’s conditioning right? We’re training our conditioning the nipples for a certain effect or response. So that could be some training that us dominants want to do.

Little Kaninchen  34:45

Yeah, and it’s a perfect little thing and it can lead to like little inspections, just kind of fun little rituals.

Mr Fox   34:52

We’re gonna do a fun little baby ritual training event. Maybe tonight. LK.

Little Kaninchen  34:56

Okay. Sounds good to me. I’m ready. But Mr. Fox hit on this earlier, verbal communication and complete honesty with the nipples well, specifically for me, it was very important that we talked about it honestly, and you know, knew exactly where we were going to take the nipples in our journey. So, again, women lady subs be so honest wives be honest about your feelings about your nipples. It’s very important.

Mr Fox   35:27

Right? And it wasn’t even something that I brought up really, I don’t know, if you remember, okay, or not, but like, it was something that I had just always stayed away from, from our vanilla life. And then you started making comments. As that became a little thing that foreplay, right, but even during the moment you were making comments, so let me know that, hey, this is feeling really good. Like I can feel this is turning the juices on inside my entire body. I can feel it down there when you play with me up there. So like it was feedback like that, that even got the conversation rolling. So and that’s one thing I think lk is really good at and she doesn’t, like I said, downtime is great. I learned so much stuff in my downtime. But also during the scenes, I’m getting constant feedback, I’m asking, lk, but she’s also whether I asked or not, she’s very good at giving me some kind of cue to where I’m at on that journey. Right? She’s not just laying there, like, you know, completely not reactive, that would make it really hard as a dominant I think, but that’s not what I have. I have somebody that is giving me a lot of cues, whether it’s her breathing her sghs her if she winces or whatever it is, I get a lot of feedback right there. Another thing too, is like we all know that when the submissive or the lady, probably even guys, I guess honestly don’t know. You know, when you start to get aroused A lot of times, especially if you’re, if we’re conditioning or touching that area for arousal purposes, that sometimes nipples will get hard.  Which I don’t think they necessarily if they don’t get hard, doesn’t mean you’re aroused, right?

Little Kaninchen  36:58

True, you can be aroused or not have hard nipples.

Mr Fox   37:00

Yeah. But also the whole breasts, when aroused can actually increase and they say up to 25% there was a study I read somewhere done in the UK, right? A lot of those kinky studies are done over there. But just because of increased blood flow with the arousal the breasts actually ingorge or enlarged with blood, which I think is pretty fascinating, really.

Mr Fox   37:21

So actually, like as a dominant, I often want to get right to okays nipples, right? The little perky things that are sticking out that are calling for my attention. But the Areola actually has a lot more nerves and has a lot more sensitive. So around, you know, the outside of that nipple. So massaging that rubbing that touching that, even just like kneading it with pressure. I mean, I can bring out a lot of different sensations.  And then also we can move to the nipple, but a lot of the nerve endings are actually in that areola. That gives a lot of pleasure.

Little Kaninchen  37:55

Yeah, and the nipple anuario actually change color. As you get more turned on, just like the vagina.

Mr Fox   38:02

Yes. I like these podcasts. I like talking to you about vaginas, boobs and nipples. And Areolas…

Little Kaninchen  38:09

He really is older than nine years old everybody.

Mr Fox   38:14

Yeah, you can tell the Bloods already.

Little Kaninchen  38:18

Okay, we’re going to talk about nipple, decor, toys, tools, all those really fun things to use on your nipples, right? So I’ll start with nipple decor. Okay, and most times, nipple decor is something that’s just a decoration for your nipples. So what’s included in that is like rings, they’re small, like, you know, silver, gold, different metals, they’re just little rings that go around the nipple that just hold on, they’re not necessarily supposed to be tight. Then we talked about the tape. You know, it’s just like a tape that you put on your skin. It’s called bondage tape.

Little Kaninchen  39:01

That’s fun, like I said, to start with, it’s just some pressure on there. And then like ripping the tape off isn’t exactly like a band aid, but it kind of gives you that same sensation, but maybe not as, as harsh. So it’s fun. Because some people like that bondage feeling that tape if you wrap it all the way around the back and like, kind of push the breasts in. That’s really fun. And it’s, you know, you just keep a paramedical scissors around that you can just cut it off or you can unwrap her later. So that’s a really good idea. Then there’s stickers and jewels. Everybody usually uses those at events when we have our events. It’s a lot of fun just to cover up the nipples or in areas with them with jewels. And then we can go into the nipple toys and tools.

Mr Fox   39:46

Okay, now we’re talking now we’re getting somewhere exciting.

Little Kaninchen  39:50

Yeah, so the easiest tools or toys, things that heat and cool the nipples, which is gels and creams and balms and oils. They all come in different scents different tastes, those things are a lot of fun. We also every once in a while we do a food nipple game where it’s a gummy play exercise where you use gummy lifesavers, or gummy rings and put them inside your bra all day and let them get all nice and hot and kind of melty on the nipples and new surprise your sir when he comes home with flavor nipples, so that’s a lot of fun. Again, we’re talking about food. You know, you can use foods as nipple toys, which connects with hot and cold temperature play. That all kind of goes together. We talked about hot chocolate ice cold water or ice cream. Great nipple toys or tools. You can use those.

Mr Fox   40:41

Wow, you can never go wrong with ice cream and sex.

Little Kaninchen  40:44

Yeah, hardly ever. Yeah. So just don’t get it in the vagina. But you’re you’re usually pretty good.

Mr Fox   40:51

No I would eat it all.

Little Kaninchen  40:53

Yeah, well, yeah, you would eat it all before I got there. So but hot and cold temperature play for the nipples, liquids ice heated stones. Heated stones is a great, like relaxer for starting a scene. Heated stones are great. Again blowing or using your breath. licking sucking nibbling wax.

Little Kaninchen  41:14

You’re turning me on.

Little Kaninchen  41:15

always. Yeah, always.

Little Kaninchen  41:17

Like wax. Be careful. You don’t want to start just dripping hot wax on your spouse’s nipples. You know, you want to work your way into something like that. Be careful. I put a little warning on that one. Any vibrators your magic wand or wands perfect thing to use with or without a toy. You can put the one on there.

Mr Fox   41:38

And then they make pretty inexpensive nipple clamps that have vibrators on them or little vibes.

Little Kaninchen  41:43

Yes, yes. clamps will just get into all the clamp different kinds of clamps, right bullnose clamps is pretty standard. They’re kind of like they have a little screw on them, you can tighten them in and tighten them. They usually have like a black plastic cap on the end and it’s kind of a squared off and we have those in our shop on site, but they’re bullnose nipple clamps. One of the most popular tweezers is also it looks like almost like a bobby pin tweezer type thing. It’s easily adjusted with a little rubber band, great clamp to begin our clamp.

Mr Fox   42:18

It’s probably the most common, I would say in a nipple clamp is a tweezer clamp. It’s kind of hard to go wrong with that.

Little Kaninchen  42:24

Right and clamps are not meant to clamp down in the hardest, most vicious way you can. Clamps are really for pressure. Let me remind everybody of that nipple clamps, aren’t they on there just to pinch your nipple off. Okay, unless that’s your thing. You know, but I’m just saying that nplle clamps are really for adding pressure on the nipple or the breast around the tissue around the breast. It’s not reall to torture, but we’ll get into that later.

Mr Fox   42:58

I would say most are because there’s one here on the list that’s really a little bit more aggressive.

Little Kaninchen  43:02

Yeah, well, we have clover, we’re getting into those now clover, alligator clamps. those tend to be like as you pull on them, like a lot of them have a chain and if you pull on them, the clover alligator clamps will keep getting tighter and tighter and tighter the more you pull on them. So you know they’re not my favorite. And you know, from you know a lot of some women really love them I talked to probably it’s probably 5050 which types that they like the clover or the or the tweezer. But then they have things called rings of fire and they’re like metal, their circles that adjust all four ways kind of smashed down just on the nipple in the middle.

Little Kaninchen  43:47

Then when they have the clothes pin types, I love when people are like oh my gosh, how do you put a clothes pin on your nipple and I see all these ladies with clothes pins.  Well, I’m going to be honest with you people by clothespins, generally, then you can go in and bend a little metal part in the middle. This is what they probably do on most pornos, too, is they adjust that middle part so that it’s not pinching, like straight out of the bag, pinching your nipple off because I can tell you that’s super dangerous. And we can cover that later about how dangerous that can be.

Mr Fox   44:16

I’m gonna say to on a closed pen when you think about it, some clothes pins are really harsh, and others are not. You can either bend the metal back if you want, but there are so many different clothes pins. And usually if you have a brand new one, it’s gonna be really strong. But I mean they make plastic clothes pins, they make clothes pins that sort of or office use maybe with papers, they make so many different kinds of clothes, pins that have different intensities or strengths. I mean, you probably find one and also if you’re putting it right on the tip of the nipple might be completely different with how much area of the skin that pressure is over to where maybe if you squeezed it down a little bit and put it more on the areola and had more more of the clothes pin touching more of the skin it might not be so aggressive either so it might be different clothes pins and also help

Mr Fox   45:00

They’re used to what kind of intensity you’re getting out of it. So just kind of a recap. I think for beginners, somebody that’s just starting out. It’s usually the tweezer clamp. And you can also get some tweezer clamps with the little vibrators on them. I think they’re really inexpensive. So you might be able to get something like that to start out and just, you know, kind of start your, your journey, like LK’s journey into the nipple world, or whatever we call it, that would be your journey. Also, like a lot of especially when we’re using tweezer clamps, tweezer style clamps, they don’t have to just be nipple clamps, right, they can double also as a clip clamp. So that’s another thing is you have that double use if you have tweezers style clamp.

Little Kaninchen  45:39

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about some tools that distort the nipple, you know, or I guess it’s even, you know, just depends on what you’re talking about. But distorting the nipple is something like a suction pump or cup would do. There’s also nipple presses and devices and pinchers. You can look all these up. You can Google all these and see there’s so many options. There’s nipple extenders, stretchers and weights. I think we have a pair with nipple weights, small nipple weights on them. They usually like like they’re like little balls. There’s also the chopstick Some people use just a set of chopsticks. And our shop actually online has more of a stick or vice version of the chopsticks. They’re all usually all these clamps and nipple toys have an option to attach a chain. You can use electric or they come with vibration with them. So many options. Breast compactors or binders we talked about binding with the tape, make great nipple, play accompaniments. great additions while like stimulating the nipples like double stimulation as you’re using a toy or a clamp or you know something like that. You can use little finger claws they kind of like our little rings that give you little claws on each finger. Also, cat nails, pinwheel or Wartenberg wheel. You can use liquids ice heated stones, again, foods, I could go on and on and on. You know you can double up the sensation with every toy.  Nipple warnings, okay, the first thing I think we tell everybody is don’t pay attention to the porn. Okay, like you can get ideas from the porn. But I’m going to tell you that most of the porn is fake. And even nowadays, I think once they do the porn afterwards, they explain to you that it was fake, or show you how it was faked in some version or some way.

Little Kaninchen  47:38

You know, you’ll see some scenes where a man just reaches up and squeezes or pinch or bites on a nipple. It’s this is not real, you know, I can assure you it’s not reality do not imitate it. What porn does it mindfuck the views of viewers into thinking that things are done more harshly than they are being done for real. A lot of these women, if they do get into heavy play, what it is, is they’ve been worked up into that heavy play. So they’re not feeling much of anything, if they’ve been kind of like slowly worked up. Just like if we were slowly worked up, we can take more and more and more. That’s what’s going on in porn. They make you think that that person has been enduring stuff for a long, long time, but they take many breaks, do whatever they need to do to read in the skin, you know, with cold to make it look like it’s been done more harshly, they got a bunch of tricks up their sleeves. But one thing that is very real, is you can damage your nipples. The best reminder that I tell everybody is don’t pinch suction, torture the nipple or the surrounding tissue for more than 20 minutes. If you take away the blood flow from the nipple, or surrounding tissue for too long, you can lose that nipple and the tissue around it. And once it’s dead, it’s dead. There’s no bringing it back. Like you lose the nipple. A very wise lady told me once that you should start with just a few minutes, like one or two minutes and then work your way up to 20 minutes. Don’t start with a 20 minutes. I would say just work your way up a few minutes at a time. So do you want to share some fun nipple facts?

Mr Fox   49:10


Little Kaninchen  49:12

Okay, we have that we can talk about inverted nipples.

Mr Fox   49:16


Mr Fox   49:16

10 or 20% of all females have inverted nipple has an inverted nipple, at least on one breast. And inverted nipple is where the nipple goes in instead of out kind of like a nipple, belly button. And any a lot of the nerve endings are not only just on one nipple, but it’s also an area. It’s pretty interesting fact.

Little Kaninchen  49:38

And so many people say well Why do men even have nipples they don’t give birth. They don’t feed drum they don’t whatever, but men cannot help that they have not have nipples. So in most mammals when the embryo is forming, it has a potential to become a male or female. So early in the gestation a nipple forms yet there genes that form the reproductive organs have not yet happened. So nipples always come first before your gender is actually decided. So men have nipples because everybody every mammal has nipples. Now, some people are some mammals, guess what, have extra nipples. And are way more common than you think. Roughly up to 5% of the population has at least one super, mammary nipple. Statistics show that two cases of people that they actually had seven nipples, and they travel usually travel down the line, you look at your breast nipples, and then you go down. And it just travels and like a milk line, I believe they call it.  So they just kind of like goes down a little bit and gives you another nipple and another.  If you thought you had a mole right under your nipples on on your stomach that just could be your extra nipple.

Little Kaninchen  51:13

So those nipple facts into our nipple topic for this month. Whether you have sensitive nipples, normal nipples, or insensitive nipples, we wish your nipples lots of fun this month, and every month. So go out there and have fun with your sir and break out his abominable snowman.

Mr Fox   51:35

Hey, we also realize that we don’t know everything we’re not the know all end all on nipples or nipple play. So we’d love to hear what other people have to say about the conversation. We’d like to keep it going. In order to do that you could go to our websites respectively, either husDOM.com or subMrs.com. If you go to husDOM.com backslash podcast, find this podcast and we have show notes, the bottom of the show notes you can leave comments. It would be great to hear from you guys. I’m sure we left some stuff out or we forgot some stuff. Probably things we haven’t considered. Maybe something we even got wrong. It’d be a great place to start that discussion. So if you have something on your mind when you’re done listening to this, please hop on our websites and leave us a post.

Little Kaninchen  52:22

So this month, it’s all about nipples, sensitive nipples, average nipples and insensitive nipples.

Little Kaninchen  52:28

I’m wishing that you all get tweaked and find great pleasure this month. As I promised we have to give you a little peek into February. February theme is all about self love, physical self love, and also emotional or mental self love. Happy New Year everybody and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful January. Until next time, everyone goodbye from our Wonderland This is okay

Mr Fox   52:56

Mr. Fox,


reminding you that marriage is sexy. A secret is the ultimate marriage accessory.

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