MSS005 – Decem Top Ten | Toys & Tools

MSS005 - Decem Top Ten


Decem Top Ten | Toys and Tools

We’re excited to have one of Santa’s top or should I say Top-bottom elves joining us on this podcast episode. We have the one and only Santa’s naughty workshop elf as our guest. Welcome subRianne.

Rianne and her Dominant, Sir Erebus, have been a part of our communities for many years.  We have grown to love these two like family. They have been happily married for 17 years now and have found D|s-M to naturally enhance their already magical marriage.

Rianne is the subMrs workshop elf.  She makes appearances all year round talking about and demonstrating new toys and tools among the submissives.  Every month she conducts a video zoom meeting where she displays and demonstrates her latest new toy and discusses it among other submissives.

I know what you are thinking but… she uses a very realistic anatomically correct torso named Mona for demonstration.  Mona has all of her feminine parts and isn’t too shy to be a model for us and to allow others to see how the toys actually work.

These toy workshops are held monthly on the subMrs website.  Check out the subMrs calendar to find out more details about upcoming toy and tool reviews.

In this episode, we discuss the Decem Top Ten toys and tools of Married Dominance and submission, BDSM.  We also discuss Rianne’s favorite toys along with some of the craziest toys that she has come across so far.

Listen in to learn what we feel the top ten toys and tools are as well as why they have been chosen these items to represent the top ten.

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