MSS011 – The Erotic Art of Scening

The Erotic Art of Scening

Today we talk a bit about building a married dominance and submission scene.

We examine the erotic art of scening in our communities this month, our theme is scening September why scening September? Well, September is actually pleasure your mate month and my thought was how do couples pleasure each other in this thing we do? Well scening Of course. Today our episode we'll be talking through the subMrs Eyes.

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MSS002 – What is D|s-M

D|s-M is our method that we created that brings D|s, Dominance and submission into a couple’s marriage in a consensual, and healthy manner. The methodology positively builds a marriage and is never used to damage or weaken it, giving you all that edge without you or your marriage getting cut.

MSS014 – Year of the Tiger / Tigress | Sex with the Lights On!

A new year is always encompassed by setting New Years Resolutions. This year let’s make sure we include Marital Resolutions! Like having sex with the lights on!

In this podcast episode… We will talk about gaining control in your intimacy. A better bedroom perspective and getting rid of those hang-ups that keep your sex in the dark, literally!

Speaking of subMrs, our January theme is “Putting Best Foot Forward” in the new year. Our Mentor Chat topic is…. bastinado…


Because this month has INTERNATIONAL FETISH MONTH in it, we thought Falanga, or falaka or what it is known best as is bastinado