MSS012 – Married Couples – What are you afraid of? (Part 1)

Married Couples what are you afraid of


Ok, voyeurs here is your SCARY glimpse! (Evil Laugh Sound). 
We are in that time of year, Halloween, Autumn where the veil is thin between the living and the dead!

Our communities themes were “ Beggars & Screamers”. 
We learned a lot about begging and encouraged others to let out their screams of enjoyment. 

Tonight, we talk to couples about their Fears,  What’s holding you back from grabbing that flogger or kneeling in submission,

 What are you scared of? 

We want to relieve your fears and remove some of the MIND FUCK  that D/s gives you! 

Show Notes

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Married Couples what are you afraid of


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D|s-M is our method that we created that brings D|s, Dominance and submission into a couple’s marriage in a consensual, and healthy manner. The methodology positively builds a marriage and is never used to damage or weaken it, giving you all that edge without you or your marriage getting cut.

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Formal Acceptance is the key to getting started on this dynamic. 

This act or ritual is the rite of passage that must happen between husband and wife before they can really begin to build the relationship. And then another reason we thought this might be great is that many times this dynamic Well, I would say 90 plus percent of the time, this dynamic is brought into a marriage by the wife. 


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